Blue Gum

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The heartwood of Blue Gum ranges in colour from dark pink to reddish brown. The paler sapwood is readily distinguishable. Grain is typically straight with occasional interlocking. Texture is moderately coarse and gum veins are common.

Botanical Name

Eucalyptus saligna

Origin of Timber



Bushfire Attack Level 12.5 & 19

All AS3959 Required Applications


  • Boating
  • Cabinet Door
  • Decking & Cladding
  • Flooring & Staircase
  • Furniture
  • Joinery

Technical Information

 Name number
 Tangential Shrinkage  9.5%
 Radial Shrinkage  >5%
 Unit Movement  0.35%
 Density per Standard  850 kg/m3
 Modulus of Rapture  140 MPa
 Modulus of Elasticity  18 GPa
 Maximum Crushing Strength  68 MPa
 Impact  18 joules (J)
 Toughness  Medium 15-25Nm
 Hardness  9kN


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