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Merbau heartwood will initially appear as yellowish-brown or orange-brown before deepening to a pale to dark reddish brown. This contrasts with the merbau sapwood, which appears white, pale yellow or buff. The wood grain is variable but usually interlocked or wavy, which produces a ribbon figure on the radial surface. The timber has a coarse but even texture. It has a characteristic oily odour when cut.

Botanical Name

Insia Bijuga

Origin of Timber

Qld, Asia, SE Asia, Oceania


Bushfire Attack Level 12.5, 19 & 29

All AS3959 Required Applications


  • Decking
  • Boating
  • Furniture
  • Joinery
  • Flooring & Staircase
  • Cabinet Making

Technical Information

 Tangential Shrinkage 2.5%
 Radial Shrinkage  0-2%
 Unit Movement  N/A
 Density per Standard  850 kg/m3
 Modulus of Rupture  130-147 MPa
 Modulus of Elasticity  12-18 GPa
 Maximum Crushing Strength  63-81 MPa
 Impact  7.7-14 joules (J)
 Toughness  Medium 15-25 Nm
 Hardness  7.2-8.6 kN


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