McKay Timber specialises in Tasmanian Oak Timber (Eucalypt).
Our sawmill cuts for the highest quality that can be achieved from the logs, once the timber has been produced from the mill it is racked and then air dried for up to two years before the kiln drying process begins.
We have three kilns in operation and all timber is dried to the Australian Standards AS 2796-1999 and then once the kiln process is completed the timber in rack form is placed under cover for a short period to allow the timber to settle.
The racks are then processed through our dry milling operation and the end result is high quality Tasmanian oak timber graded to AS 2082 -2007 for the furniture, joinery, flooring and framing for local, interstate and international markets.
McKay Timber prides itself on the quality of it’s product and we always aspire for our product to surpass the applicable Australian Standards to ensure customer satisfaction.
Australia Standards
‘Tasmanian Oak‘ logs are harvested from sustainable yield forests that are managed by Forestry Tasmania.
These forests are certified to world’s best practice and Forestry Tasmania is accredited with the internationally recognized management and environmental systems of ISO 140001 and AS 4708 (Int):2003, The Australian Forestry Standard.
This Standard has mutual recognition with the International Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).


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