Wormy Chestnut

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No two pieces of Australian Wormy Chestnut are ever the same.

Deep in the forests of Southern Eastern Australia, the trees are affected by bushfires, years of drought, attacked by insects, the occasional flood and winds so strong that the trees stunt their growth to cope with the environment. It is from these trees that Australian Wormy Chestnut is born with each piece showing nature’s signature. Deep red gum veins formed by fire, ambrosia beetle marks, pin holes and squiggly worm marks are all reflected in Australian Wormy Chestnut.

Botanical Name

A blend of species, predominantly Eucalyptus oblique, Eucalyptus sieberi & Eucalyptus fastigata

Origin of Timber

South-East Australia


Not Available


  • Flooring
  • Furniture

Technical Information

 Tangential Shrinkage  N/A
 Radial Shrinkage  N/A
 Unit Movement  N/A
 Density per Standard  N/A
 Modulus of Rapture  N/A
 Modulus of Elasticity  N/A
 Maximum Crushing Strength  N/A
 Impact  N/A
 Toughness  N/A


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